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Shop Online for Tattoo Stickers that you can wear for up  to 10 days, are Waterproof, Easy to Use, Pain Free and Affordable.

We sell full arm Tattoo Stickers 17cm X 48cm that look like real.

1. Your Tattoo Stickers are Pain Free.

2. Temporary Tattoo Stickers leave No body Scars.

3. You get to match your mood, tattoo sticker and wardrobe allowing you to wear a Tattoo for an Occasion.

4. They are easy to use fake Tattoo Stickers with easy to follow on body application and removal instructions..

5. We sell them more affordable compared to most prices for tattoo stickers and we have stock in South Africa.

6. They are made of waterproof inks giving you an opportunity to bath without tatto fading.

7. Environment and Skin friendly Tattoo paper and inks are used in all our full arm Tattoo Stickers.

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I love their Temporary Tattoo Stickers, I love the quality and they are extremely beautiful and look real.

Amazing enough the team selling these Temporary Tattoo Stickers is welcoming and friendly. I will always buy my Temporary Tattoo Stickers from them.

Cash London
DJ, Actor and Temporary Tattoo Stickers customer

The Temporary Tattoo Stickers team has great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!

I confidently recommend them for anyone looking to dress up in pain free Temporary Tattoo Stickers.

Jules Chivasa - Temporary Tattoo Stickers Customer
Johannesburg, South Africa

These Temporary Tattoo Stickers product quality is topnotch. 

Shipping of the Temporary Tattoo Stickers is fast. 

Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can't recommend the Temporary Tattoo Stickers team enough.

Amanda Mitchell
Stellenbosch, Cape Town based Temporary Tattoo Stickers customer

I actually had to order this from the Temporary Tattoo Stickers team in Johannesburg because most Durbanmshops don't seem to stock anything similar. 

Shipping was surprisingly fast and affordable not something I expected from the Temporary Tattoo Stickers shop as a first buyer.

Well-done to the Temporary Tattoo Stickers Shop and the team of amazing professional sales people.

John Doe
Durban, Temporary Tattoo Stickers customer.

Why consider Temporary Tattoos?

The Temporary Tattoos team has a mission to make South Africans wear their favourite tattoo designs without having to go through painful tattooing process.

In South Africa most of the Temporary Tattoos enthusiasts are unable to wear permanent tattoos because of various cultural, political, professional and multitude of other reasons.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing our Temporary Tattoos:

1. The most stressful time of your life is when you go to get a permanent tattoo and we provide you with quality Temporary Tattoos that are painless to wear.

2. Permanent tattoos are a permanent body scar drawn by specially trained artists and the same artists are the designers of your Temporary Tattoos that leave no scars on your body.

3. When you get a real tattoo you may be limiting yourself to fashion opportunities that come with temporary tattoos because you can wear Temporary Tattoos to match your mood, attire and occasion.

4. Temporary Tattoos are best for many people who work in the movie, drama, music, sports and many other industries that is why we have a wide range of designs.

5. We have Temporary Tattoos stock here in South Africa unlike the majority of online shops doing drop shipping that delays your Temporary Tattoos delivery.

We ship your Temporary Tattoos the same day you place your order.

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Founding Founder | Temporary Tattoo Sticker

Temporary Tattoo Sticker online shop is the best place to buy quality tattoos for those who love tattoos but are scared of the needle and ink.

Your full arm Temporary Tattoo Sticker is mostly warn for weddings, night out, acting and many other  fun activities, sports and occasions.

The Temporary Tattoo Sticker product benefits include options to wear a full arm Tattoo that lasts 3-5 days, is made of environmentally friendly henna temporary tattoo inks and paper as well as affording you the opportunity to wear a tattoo for an occasion at affordable prices. 

"Temporary Tattoo Stickers made me love art. I hope that every human being will get a chance to verify their looks with an affordable Temporary Tattoo Sticker before scaring their beautiful bodies" - Chris G Entrepreneur solving the problem many Tattoo loving youths face by making fake tattoos readily available to them at affordable South African prices. 

A Temporary Tattoo Sticker in my view is not a fashion accessory anymore but has grown to be an expression of life and therefore it is a Fashion Statement.

Try your favorite Temporary Tattoo Sticker across all seasons, moods, occasions, failures, successes and basically any occasion can be tattooed.

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1. We are a South African based company with unique, genuine and original looking fake tattoos for sale and you can find us on Google at

2. We source henna tattoos and paper internationally and make sure our South African customers get the best fake tattoos for sale in Africa.

3. Buy online fake tattoos for sale and shipping takes 7 days in South Africa.

4. Fake tattoos for sale come with Easy returns 

5. 24/7 stress free refunds gives you piece of mind when you buy online the fake tattoos for sale.

6. Online Payments with PayFast makes it easy to buy the fake tattoos for sale in the comfort of your home.

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