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Buy temporary tattoos South Africa stickers online, temporary tattoos last up to 5 days, easy to use, commitment free and without the pain. 

Shipping R99, 99 and delivery takes 3-5 days. 

Enquiries contact Jules WhatsApp 0680483983 Now! 

A Temporary Tattoos Cape Town sticker allows you to dress smart in a pain free tattoo that takes 2 minutes to wear and a few seconds to remove.

The Temporary Tattoos Cape Town products we sell are made to look unique, genuine and original on your skin and you have an opportunity to match your outfit, mood and occasion theme.

Temporary Tattoos Cape Town is your sole source for tattoo stickers that are made of henna inks known to cause no harm to your skin and liver.

At Temporary Tattoos Cape Town we have customers in the acting, music, comedy, popular social figures and many more who can attest to the quality of our Temporary Tattoos Cape Town fashion stickers.Temporary Tattoos Cape Town

A Temporary Tattoos Cape Town sticker is a type of body art that is done on your skin to enhance your beauty.

In South Africa temporary tattoo is either a fashion statement or a pure expression of life.

Many of our temporary tattoos Cape Town Stickers are loved by those who are in the acting or film industries, those who are in the music industry, soccer players, celebrities and children who are not yet having the freedom to have the real tattoo on their bodies.

Our best temporary tattoo designs for modern tattoo stickers come to you in a pain free format, easy to apply, easy to match as well as easy to remove from your skin.

If you love tattoos but have a threat for needles then you are best suited for our temporary tattoo.

Contact Us Now for your temporary tattoo and we will deliver to your doorstep.

WhatsApp +27760847793 or email: tempwaterprooftattoos@gmail.com

We guarantee you that your temporary tattoos Cape Town design is available on our stickers.

The Temporary Tattoo Store provides Free Shipping in South Africa, Easy Refunds and Returns plus 24/7 support to our global customers.

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Connect with us! Tattoo Sticker Team

I love their Temporary Tattoo Stickers, I love the quality and they are extremely beautiful and look real.

Amazing enough the team selling these Temporary Tattoo Stickers is welcoming and friendly. I will always buy my Temporary Tattoo Stickers from them.

Cash London
DJ, Actor and Temporary Tattoo Stickers customer

The Temporary Tattoo Stickers team has great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!

I confidently recommend them for anyone looking to dress up in pain free Temporary Tattoo Stickers.

Jules Chivasa - Temporary Tattoo Stickers Customer
Johannesburg, South Africa

These Temporary Tattoo Stickers product quality is topnotch. 

Shipping of the Temporary Tattoo Stickers is fast. 

Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can't recommend the Temporary Tattoo Stickers team enough.

Amanda Mitchell
Stellenbosch, Cape Town based Temporary Tattoo Stickers customer

I actually had to order this from the Temporary Tattoo Stickers team in Johannesburg because most Durbanmshops don't seem to stock anything similar. 

Shipping was surprisingly fast and affordable not something I expected from the Temporary Tattoo Stickers shop as a first buyer.

Well-done to the Temporary Tattoo Stickers Shop and the team of amazing professional sales people.

John Doe
Durban, Temporary Tattoo Stickers customer.

Why consider Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary Tattoos South Africa sells tattoo stickers that last up to a week on your skin without fading. 

Temp Tattoo stickers are used for :

1. Acting and advertising 

2. Concealing scars, stretch and birth marks 

3. Parties eg wedding, steam punk, Bachelorette and more 

4. Photo shoots 

5. Test driving your next tattoo 

We have more than 200 unique fake tattoo designs in different sizes all available in South Africa. 

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Entrepreneur TeMaRo Temporary Tattoos South Africa

We are Temporary Tattoos South Africa and it all started when I was doing research for unique products and I came across temporary tattoos back in 2017.

I ordered 20 temporary tattoo stickers for testing on my own skin and I loved them until now.

Our team only sells temporary tattoo designs that you love. 

We hope you love what we are trying to do for you. 

Temporary tattoos also help anyone who maybe restricted or prohibited from getting a real tattoo. 

Get your temporary tattoo sticker today and experience real tattoo lifestyle commitment free and without the pain. 

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